Architecture Photography – Art Deco Statue at Parkview Square

art deco statue

art deco statue

The Parkview Square building in downtown Singapore has often been called the Batman building due to its perceived Gothic styling. However, for enthusiasts of architecture, its Art Deco (bordering on Gothic). For some basic information on this building, check out this Wiki post.

It stands out being the only tall building in the block of land it sits on. There are four (two storey tall) statues at the top of each of the north and south face of the building and neither face has any buildings to obscure the lookout of each four statues. A quick Google search on the images of the building shows there was no published image of the handsome and imposing statues which gave rise to my desire to try to capture what previously was not done before. To capture and publish a close up of the statues.  The statues to me on reviewing the images I made, reminded me of the Egyptian statues from old movie sets such as Cleopatra.


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