Wildlife Photography – Bighorn Mountain goat



Wildlife Photography – Lion





Wildlife Photography – Peahen



Wildlife Photography – Leopard


Wildlife Photography – Reptiles

IMG_6528web IMG_6527web

Wildlife Photography – Primates






Wildlife Photography – Cheetah


Wildlife Photography – Wildhogs (Babirusa)



Pet Photography – “My Best Friend”






One of the key considerations of pet photography is how the animal interacts with its owner and the environment. Here are two examples of how a sweet natured dog devoted to its owner showed his attentiveness and keen need to be near him.


Wildlife Photography – Elephant Portraits



Infra red photography – Family of Elephants in the forest



Wildlife Photography – Juvenile Baboons



Wildlife Photography – Cotton Top Tamarin



Wildlife Photography – Banded Mongoose


Wildlife Photography – Spider Monkey

ZOO066 ZOO065

Wildlife Photography – Happy Pandas

ZOO064 ZOO059


Wildlife Photography – Malayan Sun Bear



Wildlife Photography – Goofy Giraffe


Wildlife Photography – Amazing Longhorn






Wildlife Photography – Another crocodile wants you


Wildlife Photography – Crocodile waiting for you



A vicious looking Cayman waiting very still in calm waters, keeping an eye out for an opportunity to have a bite.

(Taken with EOS 5D mark 3 with 300mm f2.8 with 1.4 teleconverter).

Travel Photography – Video of Negombo Fishing Village, Sri Lanka

Wildlife Photography – Sri Lanka Safari Video

Here is a selection of low resolution images of the animals found in the Yala National Park, Sri Lanka.


What happens when buffaloes get excited?



They react like all other animals do to stimulus! Did this collage just for a moment, made you think otherwise?

Travel Photography – Sri Lanka (Gallery)


One of the most pleasant aspects of travel is when you have no idea what to expect when travelling to a new destination, you find yourself in a place that has enchanting qualities and subjects truly worthy of photographing. Sri Lanka is not just a place for its renowned safaris but the country is an interesting place for landscape photographers. Do visit the SRI LANKA GALLERY HERE.

Travel Photography – VIENNA (Gallery)


Here is the link to the Gallery of my images of my 2013 trip to the wonderful city of Vienna Austria. CLICK HERE to view them.

Travel Photography – PENANG (Gallery)



While I have been not posting on my photo blog for some months, I have been keeping busy with photography nonetheless. Ever in the pursuit of perfecting composition, skills and post processing to improve the quality of the images, I have travelled a few more places just this year alone to improve my travel photography style that includes landscape, people and street images.

Check out the new Penang Gallery here.


Animal Photography


Animal Photography – Meerkats



This lone lookout Meerkat was photographed with EOS7D using 300mm f2.8. Backlit by late morning sunlight. Shot at f2.8 to blur out the background.

Product Photography – Using Shallow Depth of Field



Using the model to hold up the watch but pushing him and the rest of the background into out of focus blur by shooting at f4 this image gave a simple sense of the watch being the center of attention in the image. Intended to create a masculine clenched fist to bring out the concept of a strong diver’s watch.


Insect Photography – Butterfly (2)


Insect Photography – Butterfly





This is a small Tiger Butterfly found commonly in the tropics. Photograph taken with EOS 7D with 100mm f2.8 macro with EX580II strobe.


Product Photography – Bouquet of Roses

Landscape Panorama – Supertrees at Gardens By the Bay




These Supertrees are man made structures designed to be covered with foliage over time. Probably inspired by the set from AVATAR but very tastefully designed and constructed.


PHOTO NOTES: Taken with Canon EOS 5D3 with 23-105mm f4 L. Images stitched together to form a wide panorama effect.

Landscape Photography – Fields of Gold




Insect photography – The Atlas Moth Caterpillar

The Atlas Moth Caterpillar is considered to be the largest caterpillar known. It grows up to 5 inches in length before going into a pupae state. When it emerges, it becomes the largest known moth. This species shown here is resident in the region but quite rare.

PHOTO NOTES: EOS7D with 100mm f2.8.

Insect Macro-photography – Grasshopper



This very small grasshopper appeared to have just emerged from being hatched. Photographed without any wings but perfectly camouflaged in the bush.

PHOTO NOTES: Dairy Farm Nature Park – with EOS7D and 100mm f2.8 macro lens.

Insect Macro-photography – Cricket


More from Dairy Farm Nature Reserve.  This resident insect was found deep inside the forest reserve amongst the wild foliage.


Insect Macro-photography – Robberfly





This Robber Fly was photographed at the Dairy Farm Nature Park in Singapore. There are many variants and all sizes of Robber Flys and invariably all of them are predators of other insects. This colourful version is very small but totally unafraid of being photographed. Making it a very agreeable model for the camera.

PHOTO NOTES – taken with EOS 7D with 100mm f2.8 macro with 580EXII strobe. ISO400; f11 at 1/250sec.

Food Photography – 2Fifteen Kitchen

2fIFTEEN Kitchen

2fIFTEEN Kitchen

After several months of being unable to find time to pursue my photography, today I had a nice lunch with a close friend at a new restaurant with wonderful natural lighting. Served here a wonderful set lunch French cuisine.

Happy National Day, Singapore…

Landscape Photography – Dawn & Dusk at Singapore Marina Bay

Singapore Marina Bay Panorama Dawn

Singapore Marina Bay Panorama Dawn

Dusk at Marina Bay

Dusk at Marina Bay



Food Photography – Food triptych at Pantry @ the Stables



This triptych was taken with EOS 5D mark 3 with 35mm f1.4 L lens. Using natural filtered light from a cloudy afternoon sky. Adjustments made are crop, saturation, light sharpening and resize. The more I use the 5D3 the more I enjoy using it. Somehow it seems to have improved the resolving power of the L lenses that I had not seen before.

Landscape photography – The Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon


Tonight’s crescent moon was bright but with intervals of thick clouds covering it up. It looked wonderful so I used my EOS 7D, 100-400mm L with 1.4 teleconverter – shot manual focus and manual mode. At f11, 1/60 sec. The image you see is cropped from original image at 100%. No enlargement digitally. Sharpened a tad in photoshop.

Architectural Photography – Deoksugung Palace

Deosukgung Palace

Deosukgung Palace

Street Photography – Myeong-Dong street vendor

Myeong-Dong vendor

Myeong-Dong vendor 

Landscape Photography – Little Guilin Panorama

Little Guilin Panorama

Little Guilin Panorama

At the same location as in the previous post, this image is a merge of several images for this panorama. Click on the image to view the full resolution.

Nature Photography – Dairy Farm Nature Reserve Collage

Dairy Farm Nature Reserve

Dairy Farm Nature Reserve

Unlike the manicured parks found in many parts of Singapore, nature reserves are predominantly green areas where nature eco system is left alone without interference. Many of the reserve areas are dense jungle forest and this reserve is no different. Cool and humid after a heavy rainfall, it is a wonderful location for a walk with nature. One could either stay on the bitumen path or trek through very narrow mud trails. But one has to remember that these locations are home to predators such as snakes, spiders and other reptiles and amphibians. This collage is a collection of images taken from just one stroll there.

Animal Photography – Oriental Whip Snake

Oriental Whip Snake

Oriental Whip Snake

Animal Photography – Pelican